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    Ruian yongxin machinery Co.Ltd.Is located in "China packaging machinery city" ruian city, zhejiang province, it is research
    and development,manufacturing and sales of high-tech machinery enterprises, has a group of senior mechanical r&d team,has won a number of national invention and utility model patent certificate,all products have passed the eu "CE"certification.

    Ruian yongxin machinery has gone through more than 10 years of continuous innovation and development,"yongxin" brand products in the same industy enjoys ahigh honor and reputation.Now the main products are:transparent film packaging machine (cellophane wrapping machine) series of products, heat shrink packaging machine series products, condom packaging machine series products and packaging materials, etc.the machines are widely used in medicine,food, cosmetics,daily necessities,stationery,health care products and other fields.Because of the qualiry,stable performance and thoughtful after-sales,our machines have not only spreaded all over the provinces and autonomous regions of china,butalso have been exported to overseas markets and enjoying very good reputation from all over world.

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