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  • BTB-280A Transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine

    product description:
    This machine is suitable for automatic film packaging of single-box items in various industries (with gold cable). The overall frame of this machine adopts carbon steel sprayed plastic, floor-mounted multi-open safety door structure, flat push type push box structure, simple mold replacement, and manual adjustment of the size at many adjustment distances, which greatly saves the time for mold replacement. The fixed film is adopted The air expansion shaft roller is fixed, which makes the film changing easier and faster.
    The main technical parameters:
    1. This machine is a fully automatic high-speed transparent film packaging equipment. It adopts a flat-push packaging method. All wrapping and heat sealing actions are completed by cam transmission. It has the characteristics of fast speed and stable operation.
    2. You can pack items of different sizes by changing the mold, and the newly designed quick adjustment structure makes it easier and faster to change the mold.
    3. This machine adopts a single-rotating film cutting knife, which cuts the film accurately and smoothly. There is no need to replace the film cutting mechanism for large and small products.
    4. The frequency converter is used to adjust the packaging speed, which can reach 40-80 packs/minute according to different packaging items.
    5. Equipped with a double-sided wrinkle plastic surgery device, which makes the film packaging more skin-tight and more beautiful.
    6. With the function of composite self-adhesive laser anti-counterfeiting unsealing line, it really plays the role of anti-counterfeiting and moisture-proof.
    7. There are two feeding mechanisms of automatic conveying and feeding and manual conveying and unwinding. The automatic conveying and feeding can be connected to the fully automated unmanned production line.
    8. The automatic feeding mechanism has the function of stopping with or without box.

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