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  • 產品展示
    Ruian yongxin machinery Co.Ltd.Is located in "China packaging machinery city" ruian city, zhejiang province, it is research and development,manufacturing and sales of high-tech machinery enterprises, has a group of senior mechanical r&d team,has won a number of national invention and utility model patent certificate,all products have passed the eu "CE"certification. Ruian yongxin machinery has gone through more than 10 years of continuous innovation and development,".......
    Application industry

    Yongxin Machinery designs the perfect solution for your packaging industry chain. Our technology accurately improves the demand for packaging technology in the medical, food, beverage, daily chemical products, household products, industrial products and other industries. First, we start to understand your product and market needs, and then discuss with you the packaging variables, including: packaging expected function, protection function, shelf life, sterility, product value, sustainability, marketing, brand Promotion and budget requirements. Based on our products, we can freely combine and integrate. In order to meet your needs, Yongxin Mechanical Packaging will provide you with the most suitable packaging solution for you.
    Key Customer List
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